Saturday, June 25, 2011

Why the Vintage Recipe Project

Vintage cook book that belonged to my husband's Great Grandmother Mrs Leo Rose

Why the Vintage Recipe Project

Besides that fact that I write a cooking and baking blog and I have right at my finger tips many vintage cook books that I have collected over the years that I could use to fill my blog with remade and updated vintage recipes. I have been longing for family recipes that I could pass down to my children and grand children. 

As I write my blog posts and think deep thoughts about my family and how my mother and grand mother cooked for us I do remember recipes that could be called family recipes. My mothers potato salad is one I posted not long ago.

While pondering the recipe and writing my blog post I came to the realization that I do have some family recipes. But they are not the ones I would like to have. I would love to have memories and recipes of my grandmother and I rolling out biscuits or pie crust. But I don't. Matter of fact my grandmother never made biscuits that I can recall. But then again maybe that is a memory I have forgotten? It's possible I guess.

My mother in law recently passed on to me a stack of recipe booklets that belonged to her mother and grandmother. They are all church cook books and a few include some recipes they submitted. I had already started the Vintage Recipe Project before she gave me the cook books. I have posted a few on my blog from those cook books. 

One of the grea things about those church cook books is that each recipe includes the name of the person who submitted the recipe. You'll notice that I include that information with each recipe I post from those books. I hope one day I maybe able to connect someone with a recipe that their mother or grandmother submitted to their church for inclusion in the cook books that were sold to earn money for the church.

So there you have it. Beside the love of cooking and baking I hope to reconnect a family member with a long lost family recipe. Wish me luck!


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